As WA distributors for Steinert Magnetics, Sanwest offers a wide range of Overhead Suspension Magnets used for the mining and mineral processing industries.

Sanwest have supplied Overhead Suspension Magnets into Western Australia for over 25 years and our clients include BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metal Group, Barrick Group, etc.

Sanwest also offers expertise in magnet selection and positioning for any tramp metal related problem.

Typical Installation

Stationary Electro Overhead Magnet

  •     Economy
  •     Saves space
  •     Less weight

Stationary Electro Overhead Magnets are identical to the magnets inside Self Cleaner models. There’s no need to invest in a self cleaning system for removal of occasional tramp iron or small quantities of contaminants. Stationary models are cleaned simply by shutting off d-c power. A trolley or small crane can be used to move the magnet to a discharge bin.

A 3 point cable sling suspension system with bull ring is included. Each of the 3 suspension members is independent of the others. One member includes a turnbuckle for quick and easy one time adjustment of mounting angle. Adjustment can be made while the magnet is hanging in position. There’s no measuring, shortening, lengthening or cutting of cable.

  •     No maintenance
  •     Silent operation

Stationary models have no moving parts. All steel sides plus the stainless steel bottom are welded together with continuous welds. There’s nothing to lubricate, tighten or replace.

  •     Mounting choice

Stationary models mount over a head pulley or anywhere over the straight section of a conveyor. A head pulley installation costs less. (see discussion under Self Cleaners)

Self Cleaner Electro Overhead Magnet

  •     Cleans itself automatically
  •     Cleans itself completely
  •     Runs quietly
  •     Extra thick belt 3 ply
  •     Cleats are vulcanised
  •     Discharges clear of conveyor

A thick heavy duty rubber belt moves continuously and quietly around the magnet. This belt intercepts attracted metal and sweeps it off the magnet. There’s never a chance for excessive build up of iron – too much iron on the face of a magnet shorting out magnetism. Rubber cleats vulcanised to the belt ensure complete sweeping of all metal. Vulcanising prevents attracted metal from lodging under cleats as is the case with other designs with cleats bolted to a belt. Permanent magnet extensions are available to extend trajectory of discharged metal.

  •     Four pulleys conserve space
  •     Pulleys are crowned
  •     Self aligning bearings
  •     Interchangeable bearings
  •     Greaseable bearings

A 4 pulley design is used on nearly all models. This allows a saving in space and weight compared to a 2 pulley design. All pulleys are crowned for reliable belt tracking. Bearings are of course greaseable and self aligning. Besides that, all bearings are interchangeable.

  •     Continuous duty
  •     Obsoletes oil tank designs
  •     No plumbing

All models are built for continuous magnet energising and for continuous belt cleaning. Energising is by direct current. Steinert can supply rectifiers. Conventional designs need external control of oil expansion and moisture. There are no external oil tanks or plumbing on the Steiner design. They aren’t needed. Steel lugs are provided for suspended mounting.

  •     Wound with anodised aluminum
  •     Insulation better than class H
  •     Convenient terminal box

All models are built with aluminum strip (not wire) and not plain aluminum but anodised aluminum. Insulation quality in the coil far exceeds class H. The coil is virtually burnout proof. Coil leads are connected to leak proof terminals inside an easy to get at gasketed terminal box.

Construction Data

Oil Cooled Electro Overhead Magnet Construction Data Stationary (Manual Cleaning) Magnets and Inline and Crossbelt (Self Cleaning) Magnets Manufactured in Australia Under License by Steinert Engineering PTY Ltd.

Electro Overhead Suspension Magnets


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Sanwest Pty Ltd was established in 1987 when the Equipment Division of Mitchell Cotts Engineering was sold to the then Manager Mr Ken Hollick. With other existing personnel who had a long association with Australian industry, the new company was established to continue marketing the products to the Australian mining and process industries.


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