Cougar Vibrators are an economical and world proven product that offers centrifugal vibratory forces that can be employed to fluidise materials that have stopped flowing in bins, hoppers, chutes or pipes. They operate at higher frequencies than other types of industrial vibrators and simply by changing the compressed air pressure a wide range of output vibratory Forces are available.

Cougar Vibrators are available in three design modes, base mounted with top inlet and discharge ports, base mounted with side entry and discharge ports and the third version a single bolt lug mount. These three variants provide a solution to every mounting condition depending on the task required. Using the centrifugal force of the ball running in a precision race, the device when fixed to the wall of the bin, hopper or chute will transmit sinusoidal waves of vibration into the material causing the particles to separate and flow.


Cougar Vibrators can be regarded as the work horses of our range, they are easily installed and successfully overcome flow problems in concrete batching plants, quarry plants, brick and tile manufacturing as well as chemical or fertilizer operations. They have numerous application in the metal parts and canning industries.

Cougar Ball Vibrators


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