Sanki Conveyors (Sancon Conveyors) have been used in permanent installations for more than 20 years in the harsh Mineral Sands, Gold, Nickel and Iron Ore mining processing industries of Australia.

Other major industries that the Sanki Conveyors (Sancon Conveyors) have commonly been used are Consulting Engineers, Brick Works, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Fertiliser, Grain, Foundry, Cold Stores, Recycling, Wineries, Nurseries, Concrete, Salt Works, Warehousing, Food Processors, Manufacturing Industries, Assay Laboratories and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

The Sanki Conveyors can be used with endless types of materials and provide a permanent conveyor solution at a fraction of the cost of a fully designed and manufactured alternative system. In addition, your Sanki Conveyor system can be on-site within 48 hours.

The Sanki Conveyors are a Japanese designed unit that is available as a kit conveyor system which simply bolts together. The rule of thumb for a Sanki Conveyor installation is that if the tonnage is below 100tph – then the Sanki Conveyors are a perfect fit.

The Sanki Conveyors come in 3 different belt widths and they are 350mm, 450mm and 600mm wide units. The Sanki Conveyors are available in any lengths between 2 and 50 metres.

Sanki Conveyors (Sancon Conveyors)


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Sanwest Pty Ltd was established in 1987 when the Equipment Division of Mitchell Cotts Engineering was sold to the then Manager Mr Ken Hollick. With other existing personnel who had a long association with Australian industry, the new company was established to continue marketing the products to the Australian mining and process industries.


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