BUX NEO Series

  •     Lightweight easy to handle
  •     State of the art two-pole design
  •     Tremendous lifting capacity thanks to High-Energy Neodymium magnets
  •     Increased airgap capability
  •     Suitable for flat and round material
  •     Easy ON/OFF switching
  •     Extremely compact, low dead weight
  •     Robust, low maintenance
  •     Smart Design

NEO-HV Series

  •     Magnet provided with lifting arm for turning workpieces through 90 degrees
  •     Very convenient for loading and unloading of horizontal machining centres and lathes
  •     Magnet is suitable to suit a range of diameters or widths
  •     Lifting arm can be retrofitted to existing NEO magnets
Lifting Magnets


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Sanwest Pty Ltd was established in 1987 when the Equipment Division of Mitchell Cotts Engineering was sold to the then Manager Mr Ken Hollick. With other existing personnel who had a long association with Australian industry, the new company was established to continue marketing the products to the Australian mining and process industries.


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