07 May

Sancon Conveyor Options

Over the 30 plus years that Sanki/Sancon Conveyors have been sold in Australia, Sanwest P/L have mov ...Read more

17 Jun

Uras Electric Vibrating for Hoppers – Application

Preventing Bridge Formation in Hoppers Mount the Uras Vibrators on the hopper wall and apply circula ...Read more

17 Jun

URAS Vibrating Motors offers wide range of Electric Vibrating Motors Large or Small for any application.

URAS Vibrating Motors offer a wide range of Electric Vibrating Motors for any application – Large or ...Read more

01 Jan

Money Tight? – Choose Sancon Conveyors

Sanwest P/L have been supplying the Sanki and Sancon Belt Conveyors in Australia since 1987. Sanki/S ...Read more

24 Feb

Quiet Times = SANCON Increased Sales

When there is an economic downturn, particularly in the mining sector, the demand for Sancon/Sanki C ...Read more

24 Feb

Mining Monthly – Sanwest’s Trough Belt Conveyors

SANWEST’s range of diverse conveyors includes the highly reliable Japanese / Australian design unit, ...Read more


Sanwest Pty Ltd was established in 1987 when the Equipment Division of Mitchell Cotts Engineering was sold to the then Manager Mr Ken Hollick. With other existing personnel who had a long association with Australian industry, the new company was established to continue marketing the products to the Australian mining and process industries.


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