Sanwest has continued its strong growth in Over Head Suspension Magnets during the past 3 months. We have received orders for various types of equipment that is being sent to a myriad of end users. Whilst our sales continue to be strong in the Iron Ore footholds of the Pilbara region in WA, we also have seen a strong growth in the exporting of Tramp Metal Magnets to various European mines and African Mines.

More and more orders are being placed for complete systems of Tramp Removal Magnets, and not just for the simple Magnet itself. This extra equipment includes the Transformer Rectifier, Slings, Trolleys, and Catenary Systems – basically everything below the support beam – we can take care of.

We have also seen a spike in sales of Spare Parts for our Magnets as more and more sites are seeing the value in purchasing original spare parts via the original manufacturer. This ensures that the quality of your equipment is maintained and saves the frustration of non-genuine parts not fitting correctly. On the service and parts side of the business, please remember that Sanwest/Steinert are more than willing to travel to site to do an audit on your magnet and look at all areas of Tramp Metal Removal. This can save you many hours of downtime and save enormous amounts of money.

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Sanwest Pty Ltd was established in 1987 when the Equipment Division of Mitchell Cotts Engineering was sold to the then Manager Mr Ken Hollick. With other existing personnel who had a long association with Australian industry, the new company was established to continue marketing the products to the Australian mining and process industries.


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